hunter beef

Making a Hunter Beef

Hunter beef is famous recipe in Pakistan. It is made with beef with selected part of meat, which is soft, boneless and renders great taste. Throughout the year, hunter beef is though available at restaurants however when Eid ul Adha comes, hunter beef becomes a common thing. People make it at home and enjoy with family. After Eid, long number of days are gone with various kinds of meaty foods in which hunter or corned beef is at the top.

Here is the recipe:

Take a small knife and make little holes all around the beef.
Slide a garlic clove into each of the holes.
Mix vinegar, black pepper, lemon juice and Lahori salt well, all in a bowl.
Dip the meat in mixture so that it stick on meat all around, cover with a plastic sheet and leave it for overnight.
Next morning, steam the meat in steamer for 30 minutes, then apply butter.
Preheat oven for 15 minutes and then bake meat in.
Dish is ready.

Serve it sauces and seasoning of your choice. It will be a great meal for you post bakra Eid.

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