3 Must-Drink Juices for Summer

Summer is although hot but it always comes with amazing fruits for us. Mangoes, watermelons, grewia asiaticas, peaches, these are some of the fruits that summers come with. Generally, all fruits are very nutritional but summer fruits are particularly full of health. It’d be a good habit to make fruits part of your everyday diet. Summer fruits are easy to get, ripe, fresh and tasty. Also most of the times summer fruits are ripened on their trees, this makes it even healthier for us. Besides munching these fruits, you can also enjoy their juices which is a more refreshing way to enjoy summer with fruits.

Here are the top 3 summer fruits with recipe of their juices.

1-) Watermelons

tarbooz sharbat

Watermelons are full of water, taste and energy. It is deemed as a must-use fruit in summers as it reduces body heat, cools the stomach and restores the water level in the body. It is also recommended by health experts to have water melons in summers in order to save oneself from dehydration. Let’s come to the point and learn to make watermelon juice recipe:

Red Sharbat (Rooh Afza)
Watermelon: some pieces
Black salt: a pinch
Ice: 8 to 10 cubes
Sugar: 2 spoons

How to:
Blend 3 spoon rooh afza, black salt, ice cubes, sugar and one glass of water. Take out in a glass and add small pieces of watermelons.
Watermelon Juice is ready to cool your body and refresh your soul. Enjoy the drink

Recipe Source

2-) Grewia Asiatica (Falsa)

falsa sharbat

Grewia Asiatica or Falsa is a wonderful summer fruit. It’s full of taste, energy and nutrition. Having this fruit with salt is a superb experience for which you would wish summers to come again. It’s juice is also a brilliant one. Grewia Asiatica juice is also famous to reduce heat, provides tranquility to soul and body and also a hero in the taste. See how to make its juice

Grewia Asiatica: 250 grams
Chilled Water: 2 glass
Sugar: as required
Ice Cubes: as required

How to:
Grind all the mentioned ingredients in a food grinder. Sift the drink through a strainer so all its seeds are separated. Now serve chilled in glass. (Try make it in large quantity as people ask for more:))

Recipe Source

3-) Raw Mango (Keri)

keri ka sharbat

Raw mango is sour in taste. You can have it slightly just for taste but having it too much may create sore throat issue. It’s juice is very tasty and energetic. Raw mango drink is known for its taste and cooling effects. Here is the recipe:

Raw Mango: 500 grams
Black Salt: As required
White Cumin: 1/2 spoon
Mint: 1 bunch
Sugar: 2 cups

How to:

First boil all the raw mangoes. After boiling, store its pulp in a tray and remove the peels. Then blend all ingredients including raw mango pulp in blender and then store in a bottle and preserve in refrigerator. Whenever you want to drink, add 2 to 3 spoons stored material to water and enjoy the drink.

Recipe Source


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