Preparing a Chicken Sandwich for Iftar Time

Chicken sandwich lusts are not limited to Ramadan only. It is the snack to eat whole year and yes it’s eaten. From breakfasts to supper meals, chicken sandwiches are eaten at different times, at different places, occasions and also in different shapes and styles. Why not to enjoy this delicious chicken pack at iftar time? We will enjoy definitely. Today, we are telling you a simple, plain and easy chicken sandwich recipe which you can make in 3 to 4 simple steps within 30 minutes. If you are short for iftar time and you have to make some quick food, this chicken sandwich would work for you.

chicken sandwich

Here is the recipe:


– Chicken Pieces (Boiled)
– Mayonnaise
– Bread
– and 1 Boiled Egg

1. First you need to chop the boiled egg into pieces.
2. Now mix mayonnaise, egg pieces with chicken to create filling for the sandwich.
(Filling has been created)

3. Then take bread slices and remove their crusts.
4. It’s filling time now. Fill the mixture between bread slices and enclose it.

5. Now store sandwich in a wet cloth for 5 minutes.
6. Remove cloth and your sandwich is ready.

7. Have it with different sauces. Enjoy the sandwich at iftar time.

Get the complete recipe: Simple Pakistani Chicken Sandwich Recipe by


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